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Animal Behavior
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Praise for "Animal Behavior"
  Gabrielle Holly introduces a new series with this paranormal erotic romance. The details and the story were superbly written. I loved how vivid the descriptions were and the background story and world building. If you enjoy your paranormal erotica with a more animalistic flavor then this is definitely the read for you. ~ Night Owl Reviews

I LOVED IT! Wasn't sure about reading of werewolves, but I love this
author's other books. Now, I can't wait for the next one of the series! ~ FIVE STARS - Amazon

About "Animal Behavior"

Alex McKenzie and Gwen Chaney are both desperate for change. They find it in the mysterious, passion-filled werewolf world.

When shy veterinarian, Alex, turns to dark magic to cure his awkwardness around women, a botched spell transforms him—body and soul. By day he’s the star of TV’s Dog Talker, and uses his newfound powers to communicate with troubled pets. Under the full moon, he becomes a man-beast driven by his unquenchable sex drive.

Gwen is running from a string of bad relationships and a failed business venture when an unexpected inheritance brings her to the tiny northern Minnesota town of Talbot. She’ll soon learn that her grandfather left her much more than a cabin in the woods.

As Alex struggles to keep his insatiable libido under control, Gwen stumbles into his life and complicates everything. Until she understands the secrets of the pack—and her unique role in it—Alex must be on his best Animal Behavior.

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